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Wide Toothed Brush

Our Wide toothed Brush is outstanding for hair on the side of the shower, it's also Wide enough to manage thick hair. The Brush head is fabricated of hard plastic and the detangler is manufactured of cloth, this description is for the shampoo set.

Wide Toothed Brush Amazon

If you're digging for a high-quality, wide-tooth Brush that will detangle your hair, this Brush is a good option, the Brush isodon't have any sharp edges, so you can use it for freehand detangling or more specifically, for ukes of hair with a bit of definition. This bamboo toothbrush gives a Wide toothed Brush design that is unequaled for detangling curly and wavy hair, the natural curly wavy dry hair is straightforward to Brush through and it imparts an easy-to-use, quick- release valve that makes it effortless to avoid any build-up of static. This Brush is in like manner non-toxic and renders a Wide range of softness and heat that can help to remove all the hair from your hair area, this detangling Brush is top-of-the-heap for curly hair, all hair or any type of hair. It offers a Wide detangling head so it reaches all the substitute down the hair follicles and can detangle all the hair, the blue color is rich and brings out the color in curly hair. The detangling Brush is again good for managing hair in the kitchen or when you are eating, this Wide tooth comb is unrivalled for styling hair, as it renders a Wide tooth comb section that is designed to resist static electricity. Theti-fine smooths out rough hair with its Wide tooth comb sections, while the large Wide toothcomb section takes care of any connections with no static cling.