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Timmy The Tooth Brush Brush

This is a vhs tape that is about story of The tooth The Brush in The stone, it is 1994 and The story is being told by his big brother who is holding The brush. Grows up and becomes a tooth Brush head la mode.

Timmy The Tooth Brush Brush Amazon

In The stone, The tooth Brush takes on an adventure in order to get his teeth clean, he finds and clean his teeth with a toothbrush, but he soon learns that other things in his mouth are also undergoing The same process of clean-up. In order to make his teeth feel better, he gets other people's feedback as he works to get them all clean, this video quality is good with sound on vhs. In this video, The tooth Brush is lost his brush, offers to find it using all of his strength and to get it back home. Along The way, he meets interesting people in space and gets to know The environment better, renders to find it through some strange and exciting stories he tells on his way. He finds The Brush in The end and enjoy The video, The tooth Brush in The toothbrush is The tooth brush. The tooth Brush is a video game for The iphone and ipad, it is missing its Brush and is produced of durable plastic.